General Information 

We have an open grant cycle (you do not need to be invited to apply).

We review grant applications twice a year, spring and fall. 

We support a wide range of programs. We have three strategies that help to narrow down program type. Please see Our approach page for more information. You can expect about 8-10 weeks from grant deadline to funding

Grant writing tips. 

*Our goal for the application is to keep it simple for both you and us. We know that you cannot have all of the details in the application, we will ask questions if have them. 

*I am going to frank, Nick (board chair and founder) follows bullet points better than long paragraphs. He is an engineer by training. 

*Please ask, if you have question. I want you to have a strong application. 

*Random tips/ common statements while reviewing applications: 

  • Start the with the why
  • We use a tablet to review. Please keep all information in one document. 
  • What is the money going to be use for?        
  • If you currently have a grant with us, please give us a brief update. 

Review process (aka the black Box)

Our board reviews every application. We discuss each application on the following criteria: 

  • Alignment, how well does this project align within the strategy? 
  • Outcomes, what is the long term impact? Is this program data driven? How does this program create behavior change? 
  • Scale, how many people are being served in the program? Can this program scale up? 
  • Passion, how passionate are we about this program? 
  • Innovation, how innovative is the program? 

Notification and release of funds

  • Typically we take 4-6 weeks to select applications to fund. 
  • We may share your application with other funders. 
  • Notification via email 
  • From time to time our board may ask/ change part of the application. Please know you do not have accept the changes, you can decline the grant. 
  • In the award email a grant agreement will be attached. 
  • Once I have received the signed agreement AND an updated timeline, then we will release funds.

Grant Applications
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*We will ask for a grant report. Depending on the length of the program will determine the length and frequency of the report.

*We have two goals for the grant report 

  • To learn what happened for the participants.
  • Your learnings about running the program. Our goal. is that you apply this learning.

*We are happy to accept other reports that describe the program in more depth. For example, if the Picard Center has put together a report we will accept it in place of our report. 

At this time, we are taking some time to do some strategic planning. We not are accepting applications right now. My hope is that we will announce in April or May our updated process. Thanks